About Kris Oost


Colour is constant, in my life, and on my mind


I am Kris Oost an art student based in Enschede, NL. Currently in my fourth and last year at the AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts studying Fine Art, All Space and Sculpture.

I enjoy making things, working with my hands and researching colours. I have been able to evolve and push my interests, research and works to what it is today. And I can happily say I really enjoy what I do and can't wait to do and research more and more!

Never hesitate to ask me anything, just slide right over to the contact page or any of my socials and I will be happy to chat and answer any questions!
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Colours and the way they work with and within materials is something that has always interested me. How does a colour work in combination with shapes and lines? As well as how a colour works in combination with different materials that are hard and soft, plaster/clay and textiles/wool. In my work I look for way to visualise the conversation the colour has with the materials and the space.

Looking specifically at one colour at a time, allows me research that colour in depth and further translate the colour. The goal is to create a space or composition where you can feel this conversation. A space where it's all about the colour, materials and details.

Once I start with a colour, this colour communicates with me. It pushes me to explore the colours range and application. The colour will talk to me until it has found its right form in my eyes/process.

Comparing and arranging are very important terms in my process, because this is what is constantly happening. I compare the materials and the way the colour works on, in and/or around the materials. Comparing leads to new ways of seeing and connecting with a colour. This leads to arranging the results and colours in a different ways. Arranging leads to more comparing.

Colour is constant, in my life, and on my mind, my motivation is to translate the conversation I have with the colour into the real world.